Can you recommend a fantastic San Francisco Bay Area speed-dating event?
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Speed-dating in San Francisco / Bay Area: Do you know of an active/reliable/recommendation-worthy speed-dating event in San Francisco or North Bay? More specifically, I'm man-seeking-woman and looking for an event demographically strong in 20s & 30s childless professional women. It would be nice if it was an environment where we didn't need to raise our voices to be heard, but the people are the important thing. (My speed-dating experience so far has been arriving to discover that my friend and I were the only people who showed up for it.)

I'm not too worried about jumping through hoops (such as pre-registrations) if they help create a stronger event with high-calibre people, but I don't know enough to recognize a system that works vs something scammy. I figure that recommendations from people here is a way to find something that successfully caters to my demographic. Thank you!
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Yeah, with "real", non-scammy events, the signups are very specific--they don't just announce an event and hope people will show up. Unless an equal amount of men and women sign up in advance (8-12 each, in my experiences), the organizers will cancel the event.
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