Legal CBD without THC? Really?
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What the heck are these CBD/Hemp Oil products? A scam? Illegal?

I suffer from IBS and anxiety disorders.

I'm interested in getting a recommendation for medical marijuana, but more specifically I just want CBD. I hate THC and can't use most of the super-potent stuff that floats around on the street. I'm in Massachusetts which just passed a medical MJ law but so far nothing's been set up yet.

So I saw there's this thing you can buy on Amazon called "Dixie Dew Drops" which is supposedly a THC-free CBD-only supplement made from industrial hemp. It's supposedly legal. Does anybody know what this is about? Could it possibly be what it says it is?

Or should I just wait for the "real" thing?

Throwaway e-mail:
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This write-up is pretty comprehensive.

Of interest -- scroll down to "Safer Than The Average Joint"...

Also of possible interest:

(Shoot me a mail if you would like info on processing techniques for making CBD-rich medicine; a dear friend just went through chemo and there was a lot of reading/learning/experimenting involved there)
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