Halloween in Maine/NH/MA
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I'd love to hear suggestions for fun Halloween activities in the New England area - particularly haunted houses, horror film fests, etc!

We're going camping in Maine this week, but what with Acadia being closed we're branching out a bit this week. We'll be traipsing up to Maine from the Boston area via I-95 - I'd love to hear if anyone has any ideas for haunted houses or just fun Halloween stuff to do while we're up there. We'll be close to Bangor; the home of Stephen King has to have some things planned for the season, right?

My boyfriend doesn't scare easily, would love to find things that would make his heart race...
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You have to at least stop by Salem.
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Don't believe the hype. The park loop road is the only thing really closed in Acadia. There's a lot more to it. At this time of year you should still be able to get to MOST parts of the park via foot and bike - and given the number of rangers there - really - you have nearly free reign.

You can still drive through seawall, still go out to the bass harbor head, still take the trails to ships harbor and wonderland, still park your car and do Western, Tremont and the third one that I am currently hitting myself for forgetting (I grew up there).

Sand beach and Thunder hole are closed. Cadillac might not be an option to go up in a car. That park is though - very very very accessible. Just enjoy the parts that aren't the typical park.
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Stephen King's house is on Broad Street in Bangor - can't miss it.
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Keene Nh Has A PumpkiN Festival.
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The Bangor Museum has tours, a Ghostly Tour and a Tommy Knockers Stephen King-related stuff tour.

Also, yes, lots of people at Acadia are parking on the road outside the parking lots and hiking in by foot. And much of Mt. Desert Isle can be driven around, as it's not in the park. Not sure if Schoodic is open.
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Fright at the Fort, held at Fort Knox, on the Penobscot River in Prospect, Maine. I've never had the pleasure of going to one of their Halloween events, but the fort is spooky as hell even on a sunny summer day, so I imagine it's perfect on Halloween. The observatory is amazing too, even for a New Yorker like me who's pretty jaded about bridges and views from tall buildings.
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Response by poster: Awesome suggestions - re. outdoors stuff - we will check out Acadia, but we did in our alternate planning did get excited about the idea of a haunted house, so keep those suggestions coming!
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I just got a link to this list of Halloween events and thought I'd share.

My co-workers go to Nightmare New England every year but I've never joined them as it is not really my thing.
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