A reputable tattoo shop in Ottawa?
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Looking for a spot to get a cover-up of an existing tattoo done.

Being that I live in a rural area where you have to wait 8-12 months for a quality tattoo artist, I'm looking to take advantage of a trip to Ottawa in mid-November. Can anyone recommend me a good shop where I can likely get an appointment for that time? Preferably one that will do a consultation with me via internet beforehand? Thank you in advance!
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Best answer: I don't have personal experience but friends have done well with Planet Ink.

You'd obviously still want to look at the artist's portfolio regardless of recommendations, especially for something like a coverup where there's extra skill required. Not sure what the waiting time is for appointments - you're probably best calling shops now and asking them about it.
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Best answer: I went with Paul Peddle at New Moon Tattoo (west). Like you, I'm in a rural area and got an appointment for when I showed up in Ottawa.

So I got my bike tattooed across the backs of both legs to commemorate my bike trip to Ottawa. I back-and-forthed a bit with Paul by email, sent him a picture of my bike, and he designed it.

Admittedly he wasn't perfect about emailing back-and-forth with me, so I wasn't super-sure about it. But the first email he sent me was a problem with the idea I'd floated by him, and the tattoo itself is phenomenal. Message me if you want for a picture - given that I'd getting a weird bike across two legs, it was somewhat complicated. And he was great about his appointment practice - he re-did the first ....outline? Whatever you call it with the inked-up temporary image-thing they use as a guide because it was like 2cm too high; and when doing the second leg he went back and re-drew the whole thing because when he put the outline on my leg he noticed it was slightly askew with the first. Really, really great guy.

If you're doing mid-November, and especially if you don't have many days of availability, I would book soon, fwiw.
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