Searching for a recently heard swinging French language kid's song.
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I heard a kid's song that I would describe as French swing (a bit like the style of the Triplettes of Belleville). I didn't get a good listen to the lyrics, but two things stood out: a chorus that started with the words "Click, Clack...," and a couple of spoken interludes to someone named Michel(le), who may have been a cat. Can you name this song and artist?

I believe the phrases "C'est beau" and "Belle photo" were also in the chorus. I think there was a bit about a cat in a chair.

Googling leads me to believe there is a French children's rhyme with "Click, Clack" in it, but that is too short to be what I heard.
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Best answer: Is it "Clic-Clac Oh C'est Beau!"? Track number 4 here.
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Response by poster: That's it! Thanks very much.
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Note there is a link to a PDF with all the lyrics on that page.
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I was going to recommend "Cric Crack" by The Lovers - and I still am cause it is fun. Here in France I know "Click Clack" mostly as a noun meaning a futon (implying it can be opened in just two operations: click and clack). In the song is describing that same sound - but this time to describe a camera shutter release.
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