Installing the drawer slides from hell
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I'm at a total loss as to how to install these drawer slides...please help!

I bought a desk off Craigslist a few months ago and am finally getting around to installing the tracks for the main drawer. The previous owner said all the parts were there, she just "never got around to it." There are no instructions. I don't know the manufacturer and I had no luck locating a similar desk online.
I am completely confounded by these things. I'm beginning to think I'm either missing some parts or maybe just an imbecil (both?). Here's what I have: 4 black thingies (all identical), 2 metal thingies (both identical), 2 tracks attached to the desk, and 2 tracks attached to the drawer itself. There are also about 20 loose ball bearings.
I've tried this configuration on both sides (there's another black thingy under there), with ball bearings, and it didn't work--there almost seemed to be too much space on either side of the drawer and it didn't stay in the tracks.
Does anyone know how this works, or what I need to make it work? Help me restore my sanity tonight. Thank you!!!
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Best answer: You are missing parts. The black pieces are called races and the ball bearings sit in little hole in them. The race sit between the cabinet and drawer members and act as the rolling assemblage that the drawer slides out on. Unfortunately those bearings should not be loose. If they are, you will need new drawer slides. Measure the depth of the drawer box and go to lowes or a local woodworking supply store like Woodcraft and tell them you need a set of heavy duty full extension drawer slides for the size of your drawer. They will take it from there. Installation should be as easy as attaching the two sides (cabinet member and drawer member) to their respective pieces, lifting a release lever on each side and sliding them together.
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Response by poster: Ah, okay, that makes sense. Thank you, I can now stop fiddling with these stupid parts and just start anew!
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