Any thoughts on the safety of giving cats Sleepytime Tea?
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Sleepytime Tea gets my cat high, I found out accidentally after dropping a tea bag. I mean, catnip high. Any thoughts as to whether it would be dangerous to cats? Is this a just say no to drugs situation or a pass the pipe situation?
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There's a lot of mint in the tea. Catnip is a type of mint. I'd stick to catnip for the cat simply because you don't know exactly what's in the tea, but it probably is not a big deal. I had a cat who was insane about toothpaste, fwiw.
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Yes, one of my cats likes breaking into the mint tea bags to get her kicks. I've cut her off.
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Best answer: One of the main ingredients is chamomile, which is toxic to cats.
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Response by poster: Oh shit. This happened this morning. What should I be looking for, in terms of toxic rx? (I really don't know how much/if she ingested; she tore the bag apart and rolled around)
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Response by poster: and she seems to be okay
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A very small amount of dried chamomile is unlikely to hurt an otherwise healthy adult cat. You can even find it in some vitamins or supplements aimed at cats. It's the oils which are worse, so you don't want a plant around, and I wouldn't let the cats get at the tea again just in case, but the cat is likely fine.

Hide the tea, and perhaps give her little tea bags full of catnip instead?
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Eh, I would watch for vomiting and diarrhea, but really just don't let them have any more tea bags. I would not worry about this at all. (They're probably a bit loopy from the valerian in the tea.)
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Response by poster: okay whew gonna hide the tea bags (WARNING TO ALL CAT OWNERS) because boy she was going crazy for it. thanks all
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You're probably fine. If you're still nervous - I once got afraid that my cat accidentally ate something that was toxic to cats, and even though it looked like he chewed on it and then immediately spit it out, I called a vet anyway and they told me I could try feeding him a little bit of plain white bread to "soak up" whatever may have been in there.

(Although, he didn't eat it, and he was fine anyway - the vet told me to watch for vomiting or diarhea, and he wasn't doing that so it was okay.)
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Yeah, it's probably the valerian. But if other ingredients in it are bad for cats, then obviously you should keep it away from them.
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Could SleepyTime tea actually contain catnip? Catnip tea has a mild sedative effect on humans, so it wouldn't be surprising.
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Our cats may actually be more loopy for valerian than catnip.
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Their Tension Tamer tea actually has catnip in it, so I wouldn't be surprised if Sleepytime does too.
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As an aside, there is no valerian in Sleepytime tea by Celestial Seasonings.
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