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Went out in the woods yesterday in my new Patagonia fleece jacket. Noticed the dog was covered with tiny black burrs and then noticed I was covered with them too. The jacket is covered with masses of them and they are impossible to pull off as they are clumped together. Duct tape and packing tape do not work. Help me to be wear my new jacket again. Suggestions please?
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Can you get under them with a fine comb or maybe fork tines, and lift them off?
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A fabric shaver or fabric comb might work. They're normally used to remove pills and lint balls from sweaters, but if the tiny burrs fit through the holes on the shaving head cover, I think it could do the trick quite nicely.
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There is also apparently a product made specifically for this purpose: a porous stone called BurzOff. Looks a bit like lava rock? It's on Amazon, too.
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Call customer service. They're really nice about this sort of thing.
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I would just get in there with some tweezers or needle-nosed pliers and start pulling them off one by one. It would be tedious and you will probably have to pick apart some of the big clumps as you go, but it should work if you're patient and persistent. Needle-nosed pliers will give you the grip that you need.
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Seconding calling Patagonia first.

As far as a DIY solution though, since you mention having a dog - would you also happen to have a flat steel dematting brush? Depending on the brush size, it might be possible to slide the tines between the burr and the fleece and lift up.
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Called Patagonia, they had no clue about how to get the burrs off and did not offer to replace jacket though I told them it was unusable. Ordered a BurzOff from Amazon which I will get on Wednesday. Hope it works.
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Do you know anyone with chickens? When I used to live with chickens and I walked through a patch of burrs by accident I would just go stand in the chicken coop for awhile and they would eat them all off of my pants. Not the same kind of burrs as yours, but hey FWIW.
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What about those combs you use when your kids get head lice? The tines are really small and close together. They should have one at your local drugstore.

(Oddly, when searching Amazon for these, all I could come up with is artwork posters showing people using the combs, for $158. Not sure what that's about, why anyone would want one of those, or what makes them so expensive.)
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Help me to be wear my new jacket again.

In the woods?

You don't want to wear a fleece jacket in those woods, sorry. Some woods don't have burrs, some do.
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Anyone reading this thread with a similar problem get BurzOff linked above. One of the best products ever. Does exactly what it says. Solved the burr problem completely.All burrs in photo are off.
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