iPhone 4S suddenly needs activation. Help?
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This evening, suddenly and without warning, my iPhone decided it required activation. However, I can't get it to activate properly.

I have an iPhone 4S running iOS7. I have had some variety of iOS7 since July, as a guy at work had a developer account and added our devices to his account. (I work at a company that does IT research including mobile devices). Earlier today my iPhone was working fine, but a few minutes ago I woke it up and it suddenly said it needed to be activated. I entered my Apple ID and password but it won't activate. It says it cannot connect to the server. I've been trying for a while with no luck. I connected my iPhone back up to my laptop and tried to restore it, but it says it can't do that because I set up "Find my iPhone."

Can anyone help me?
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Have you replaced the beta with the production GM yet? If not, did your beta expire?

Can you get to an Apple store before closing tonight?
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Mad_Carew, I tried updating my software multiple times and it always said I had the current version--I assumed that meant I had the correct software. Apple Store is already closed here for the night.
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Look into putting the phone in DFU mode and then try to restore it.

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Yeah, I have seen in a few places people with similar issues...looks like apple just deactivated phones for anyone still running IOS7 beta.
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Thanks, everyone--sorted now. I used the DFU mode meta87 mentioned. I lost a few pictures I took today since my last backup this morning but at least I can use my phone again.
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Just for reference: this method, using the "Check for Update" button in iTunes, seems to resolve the issue for many people without losing data since the last backup.
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