Good RPG for kids who like Minecraft
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Looking for an RPG for a couple of kids (9 and 10) that ADORE Minecraft but want more role-playing elements (quests, a story, upgrades) in their gaming experience. We've tried mods, but that only gets you so far. We have a PC and an XBOX 360. What do you recommend?
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Cube World looks like your best bet.
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Best answer: I don't know if you want to start down this path, but my Minecraft-obsessed 8-year old loves the current Pokemon video games as well.

More Minecraft related - he's also having fun with Terraria, which he plays on the iPad.
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My son loved Minecraft, and a couple of days ago I saw him playing this game on his Nexus. "What's that?" "It's like Minecraft, but for notepads." He's really into it. As bibliowench mentions, it is Terraria.
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+1 for Terraria my formerly Minecraft-obsessed 10-year-old brother recently transitioned to it and loves it a lot.
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Response by poster: Terraria and Cube World both look like great suggestions! We're also giving Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons a try at the request of the boys (they saw the trailer on Youtube).

Thanks much!
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Costume Quest is great RPG for the Xbox that I enjoyed.
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Rogue Legacy might be up their alley.
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Driftmoon is more on the Ultima 7 side of things, but is completely adorable and gorgeous.
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