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Help me find netting to partly enclose a basketball court.

I need a barrier to stop a basketball from tumbling down a hill beside by driveway. Right now I use a couple of tennis nets, sans cables, strung one above the other between two poles. It’s 6 feet high, and it works, but it’s heavy and a pain to put up and down (a flexibility I prefer, but don’t absolutely require).

What I want is something lighter and less dense – I’m trying to stop a slow basketball, not a fast tennis ball. I think 9- or 10-inch squares of light twine would work perfectly. Bonus for large (~10 x 50), but I can easily string two smaller ones. And bonus for cheap.

Any ideas?
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There's plenty available online for around $125 up, so I may have wasted my question. Still, if anybody has a source to recommend, or a supercheap, easy-to-find alternative, I'm all ears.
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Would something like deer netting work?
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How about a military surplus store? You can buy custom panels from On Deck Sports. A 5' x 10' pc of netting costs $34.50 w/ shipping ($20). Or make your own.
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How about chicken wire, or as Home Depot amusingly calls that class of wire barrier, poultry wire. It can stand most of its height, but you'll want to add some stakes to support it.

Or, for $30/100 ft, how about this gaudy orange mesh barrier? It'll stop a fast tennis ball, and it's falling-kid safe, at least on its own-- how you mount it may change that. Bright orange, though, so you might want to take it down when not in use; it'll look a bit construction-in-progress-y and neighboring homeowners could object.

The military surplus angle is good-- camo netting would be just fine for this application.

You could use screen mesh, the vinyl (?) stuff for making cheap screen panels for doors, decks, etc.; it comes in rolls that can be cheap-- I see $20/25'x48" as the cheapest in my search. Staple it to some stakes, and cable the stakes in place, and then roll the whole thing up when you're done playing.
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If you were to go the chicken wire route, don't look for chicken wire at Home Depot. Instead, look for the same thing in a bigger roll sold as stucco mesh. $45 gets you a really big roll of that stuff.
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My god what you need is a fisherman! Or a connection to a fishing community. In salmon country the dumps have entire bins designated solely for nets. You'd have access to free nets of various kinds. Locals use them to enclose their chicken pens and gardens and such.

Seriously, if you can come up with any connection to a fishing boat, or anyone in or near maritime Alaska, Pacific Northwest or New England, explore that!
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