What amazing item did you buy at Brookstone?
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I have a $50 gift card to spend at Brookstone. The choices are overwhelming! Help me decide based on criteria inside.

I'm a female, early 30s, working professional. Looking over the site, I like the items in categories related to cocktail culture, books, fun kitchen gadgets, pet accessories (I have two cats and a dog), clothing or accessory knicknacks, unnecessary but fun technology for my house, car or phone (iPhone) and bath stuff. If I had to narrow it down to three categories, I would go with cocktails, kitchen and tech for my phone/car.

I don't need anything for the outdoors or sports. Everything else is fair game.

I don't need anything particularly practical, but useful + fun is the best. I'm willing to spend more than $50 if it's something particularly cool.

What have you bought from Brookstore that you would like and recommend?
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Response by poster: One clarification on the cocktail category: I don't drink wine, but do drink beer and liquor/mixed drinks.
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I bought a Tempurpedic pillow there for about $100, and it saved my neck, literally. Not a fun purchase, I suppose, but I was very pleased with it.
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I don't have this particular model, but if you ever make lemonade, or a punch calling for lots of citrus (me, I favor Fishhouse Punch at the holidays), you'll appreciate having an electric citrus juicer. Overkill for one or two fruit, but when you're juicing a few dozen, it's suddenly a boon companion.
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Brookstone sells great umbrellas. Could be an option?
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I have an iPhone, and I had no idea what I was missing until I got earbuds with a mic. Holy crap, such a better conversational experience when your hands are totally free! I always hated talking on a cell phone because it's so awkward - the phone is way less comfortable/ergonomic than a regular wall or desk phone. I lovelovelove having a headset! The one I have (selected from suggestions based on suggested my picky criteria in an AskMe) is not available on Brookstone, but if you're less fussy than me you should be able to find ones you like on there.

In terms of pet stuff, I personally wish I had nicer crates for my dogs. We don't have the money or space to have separate "day" crates and "travel" crates, so we just have those ugly plastic ones from the pet store. Brookstone has some nice-looking ones. I also like the lighted leashes and colors.
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I have an iPhone, and I had no idea what I was missing until I got earbuds with a mic.

Beat me to it. I was just using mine today and noticed the in cord says Brookstone on it. You're probably already down with the hands-free tools, but in case you aren't, that's where I'd advise you spend it!
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A Hitachi Magic Wand (sold under a generic name at Brookstone, but it's the same product). Slightly NSFW review here.
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I'm throwing out the categories and telling you to get the 20 questions handheld game. I've had it for years and it still amazes me.
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Plus you'll have cash left over for some useless kitchen gadget. I live useless kitchen gadgets. There have many there. I do like the wireless temp probe...
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Sounds dumb, but Brookstone has awesome umbrellas. Whenever I go there with my wife, I am drawn to the umbrellas and she checks out the memory foam pillows. Both would be around $40-50 I think.
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Oh I just saw the comment about the Hitatchi Magic Wand. Get that. Seriously. Just get it. And in case you think you're buying a "massager," just look at the "related" items!

However I would get the rechargeable one not the one that takes batteries. "Massagers" tend to burn through AAs. I didn't see the corded version (which is what I have) but that is actually ideal because you don't have to worry about charging or batteries! But my second recommendation would be the more expensive rechargeable one.
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I have a sleep machine from Brookstone that has lasted me more than a decade and done a great deal for marital harmony. I use a cheap iPhone app when I travel, but the convenience of a dedicated device at home is fantastic. I don't know what their current price range is, but if you have trouble sleeping because of noise (traffic, partner snores, door creaks in the night), a noise machine may do it for you.
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I'm irrationally attached to my Boogie Board. (Not the surfing thing, it's an LCD noteboard thingie.) I love it for doodling, jotting quick memos, working math problems, etc.
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Their Nap products are lovely - the superplush throws, pillows, slippers, and teddy bears. They feel so wonderfully cozy, and the neck pillows specifically are great. I don't believe any run nearly that expensive, but you could outfit yourself with a couple of nice, cozy things for snoozing, particularly in the colder months.
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I have to second the Boogie Board! I used it all the time when I know I need to take quick notes that I will delete or throw away. I use it daily to go over tasks with my staff at work. I take it with me to the store with my shopping list. I've already burned through one and bought a second from Brookstone. Trust me, you don't think you need it but once you get it, you won't be able to live without it!
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I'll let you know what I decide.
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