What are Mike & the bots singing in Outlaw of Gor?
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There's a song Mike & the bots half-coherently sing a couple of times in Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode 519 "Outlaw of Gor." What is it?

Video link here. The song can be heard at 48:35 and 48:55.

What is it? This has been bugging me for years.
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Right before they sing the song, one of them says “Uh oh... Warrior of the Lost World set!” According to this forum thread the song is also from Warrior (which they watched earlier that season):
It comes immediately after the “Warrior of the Lost World” callback. They’re singing “All Du Peepo Abba in da Wooa”. (Even though that song played at the end of the film, not during the fight sequence that the scene in question resembles…)
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It sounds like it could be referencing the snippet of the opening/ending credits song that was played during the movie here. Doesn't match perfectly, but closest that I could find.
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This web page refers to it as “the show stopping song behind the kissing scene” in Warrior of the Lost World (or at least in the corresponding MST3K episode).
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Response by poster: I just listened to the kissing scene song, and it doesn't sound similar to me. I think the forum post is referencing the information on the castleforrester.com page, which is talking about a different song.

Thanks, though...
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