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What are the websites you use to find a new job? Is Monster still relevant? Do you use

FYI - My fabulous company is hiring an entry level receptionist -PM me if you know anyone or want more info
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Because I work in nonprofits, I always look on This may or may not be relevant to you, but I basically never see junk or spam ads on there.
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If I was looking for a receptionist job I'd probably hit up craigslist and the local newspaper sites.

For higher-level jobs I hit linkedin, that may work for receptionist but is probably pricey.
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I think my company (in Boston area) used craigslist to find its last receptionist. Other thing would be college or HS career centers/alumni sites.
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There are also a high concentration of MeFites in that area, so consider MeFi Jobs as well.
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I don't know about Boston specifically, but I really don't think Monster or Careerbuilder are relevant anywhere anymore. I live in San Francisco and found my current job on Craigslist, and recently hired an entry-level admin using Craigslist. I also looked for jobs on Indeed and LinkedIn.
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Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice, etc. are all still very relevant, at least for larger companies. HR people tend to take the path of least resistance and managing a Craigslist ad must be near impossible just based on the amount of SPAM I get whenever I try to sell anything on CL.
FWIW the major sites are frequently trolled by headhunters and agencies who will pester people forever if their resume is even a somewhat close match for a given opening, and conversely will pester the listing employer with hopes of filling the position and collecting a nice fee.
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My wife, who is an HR generalist here in the Boston area, says CL, and Dice. com are the most useful these days, pretty much in that order.
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