Where can I get announcements of iOS jailbreaks?
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I am interested in being alerted if and when jailbreaks to iOS 6.1.3/4 and iOS 7 are released, but I have no interest in the daily news about jailbreaks on the legitimate sites like iphonehacks.com or developers' twitter accounts. Is there an RSS feed or email service that will alert me if and only if a legitimate jailbreak is released?

It's tough to google for this kind of service amidst the scams; likewise, a google news alert would give me a daily serving of scams. Any other ideas?
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I haven't found anything as a one page site as howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com or doineedajacket.com

But /r/jailbreak will probably EXPLODE with posts once something is announced.
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Thanks -- emptythought's page was just what I was looking for. Even better if it had an RSS feed, but I've set up one of those change detector emails. Thanks again!
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