Please recommend a TV stand for a 60" TV
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I just got a new 60" TV and am looking to get a stand to go with it to replace my current rickety setup. Any help or recommendations appreciated!

I'm not necessarily looking to mount it to the wall unless that's the strongest recommendation given the fact that I rent and would like to not have to trust the old walls of the apartment unless it's truly the best option.

Budget wise I'd like to stay under $150 if I could, but that's not a hard limit if everything under that price point is going to shake every time I walk around or something.

I don't need it to be a cabinet model though space for my xbox, audio receiver center speaker and bluray player would be nice. The living room isn't super modern looking or anything, but I don't really care too much in terms looks wise.

Hope me fellow mefis!
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Old drywall is still perfectly fine to hold up a TV. I thought about this for a while and mounted mine on the wall, because it was the only way I was confident my two-year-old wouldn't find a way to knock it over.
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We got a stand for our 60" at Best Buy for about $300, loads of cabinet space.
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If you live near an Ikea, they have a bunch of good options. We have the Hemnes one in white - just the stand, not all the fancy stuff around it - and it's great. Very solid and looks nice. Xbox, dvd, and tivo go in the three little spaces underneath, and there's three nice deep drawers for storage.
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I also have the Hemnes one (in the dark brown). LOVE it. Sturdy, clean looking, storage space.

Get the three drawer one, you'll be happy you did.
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One man's opinion,

Purchasing one at Best Buy (or another retailer) screams 'rip me off.' You should stand by your budget: get one online though google shopping etc easily for $150 or less, including shipping costs.
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The problem with mounting it on the wall (aside from having to patch up the holes later) is that you either end up with unsightly wires running down the wall from the TV to the outlet and cable box, or you have to do more work to run that stuff through the wall too. We actually do have our TVs mounted on the wall, and I think it's a great solution. But we had power outlets installed behind each one, and also jacks for the HDMI input to allow keeping the equipment elsewhere without it looking ugly. It was a real project, and not something I'd want to do in a rental (nor something I'd want a tenant to do if I were renting a house out).

I think Ikea is a pretty good recommendation. Before we mounted our TVs, we had a couple of different Ikea pieces being used as TV stands, and they worked well.
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I came in here specifically to recommend the IKEA Hemnes.
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I have what looks like an older version of Hemnes and at least that version is built like a tank and has a nice design that occupies the space between old fashion and contemporary blonde wood minimalism.
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I have the Ikea Lack stand. It's not winning any beauty contests, but it was only fifty bucks and delightfully utilitarian. My 20lb dog rams himself into it constantly trying to retrieve lost tennis balls, and I've never seen the TV even have so much as a wobble. I am very happy with it.
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If you choose to wall-mount, the Wiremold CMK70 is a good option for hiding wires without the need for an electrician. And of course you'll need a good wall mount bracket that can be mounted on the wall studs for solid hold.

As for a media cabinet/stand, I'd check Craigslist first. If you have no luck, is a good option. They have a few under $200, and free shipping.
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Check your local Lowes for Style Selections freestanding steel shelving units. You can get a 48 inch width shelf five-tier unit that can be assembled into a three-tier low height unit. Perfect size for a 60 inch TV, receiver, Xbox, and a blu-ray player. Each shelf is rated for 350 pounds (when evenly distributed), and is very stable.
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