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Recommendations for printing these (1,2) beautiful, two-page, full-color electronic cookbooks to hardcopy from the PDF files?

After reading through these two electronic cookbooks in Acrobat, I felt it was a shame that I wasn't giving my eyes and hands the full sensation of enjoying the recipes and photographs on paper. Any recommendations on the best way to print them out for maximum enjoyment? I'm prepared to spend a bit of money at the local printers for full color printing but should I print them in double-sided two page-per-sheet landscape with three silver rings to hold them together? Double-sided single-page spiral bound? Other creative solutions? I'm going to make a few copies for personal use and potentially as gifts so I'm not looking to fire up the machines at an industrial bookbindery.
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Best answer: Nice cookbook, I'd print it out two page per sheet landscape to give the color pictures as much area as possible. I'd also go with spiral bound, then you can flip it over on itself and it will take up less space on the counter. Use a high quality glossy paper just in case it gets a little wet. Also laminating the front and back cover is a nice touch for durability and will bring out the color.
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You can upload the pdf to (an online print-on-demand service) and have it printed as a full color paperback book. Their quality is excellent if your source document is also excellent (images at high resolution, etc...).

I wasn't sure if this document is something you created or if someone else is the author. Technically you are not allowed to use Lulu for something that you are not the copyright holder for. However, I wouldn't think it would be much of a problem if you are just printing one or a couple for personal use (it's probably against the rules, but if you don't tell them, I won't either). You certainly couldn't use their service to sell someone elses work, but I don't see what harm it would do to create a nice copy for yourself.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to look into getting it spiral bound with extra blank heavy stock on the front and back for end covers.

RoseovSharon, I'm not the author but I'll only be making one for myself for personal use and maybe one or two more as gifts.
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