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Can you help me track down a (Japanese?) film about a guy who doesn't know he's the villain until a Power Rangers-type team starts attacking him?

A friend vaguely remembers what he thinks was a short film and is trying to track it down. The details he remembers are:
  • It's live action, not anime.
  • The main character discovers that the woman he's been hitting on at the laundromat is part of the martial arts superteam that's begun harrying him.
  • Things get worse/weirder when a crew of faceless henchmen start following him around.
  • "There is a great slo-mo sequence of him rolling with his masked henchmen, and they do a little b-boy action."
  • In the climactic battle, he begins to grow, as my friend says, "tentacles and things?"
Does this ring a bell to anyone? Thanks much.
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I've seen this, you're not crazy, and I have no idea where to find it again. Possibly the Significant Weasel will - I'll ask him tonight if no one's chimed in.
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Best answer: Rolling Bomber Special

aka one of the best things ever made.
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Response by poster: Hooray! Thanks griphus!
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If this is your friend's/your thing, you might also see Big Man Japan, which ends in a vein reminiscent of the short you describe.
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