Wikipedia is not resolving on home computers
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Wikipedia is not resolving / loading / displaying on home computers. Any suggestions? This just happened today.

- 3 computers running W7, all with Microsoft Security Essentials

- 3 different Chrome profiles

- Doesn't load on IE either

- Wikipedia *does* load on my Android smartphone on the same WiFi network using the Chrome browser (same Google account as my desktop Chrome profile

Attempted fixes
- checked Chrome extensions (don't have many)
- deleted cache and cookies
- flushed dns (ipconfig /flushdns

So far no luck.

Any ideas on how to fix the problem?

In a moment I am about to reset modem and router.
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what happens if you ping it from the command line? try
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Once you've reset your network hardware, see if you can do a DNS lookup / ping / traceroute.

Try changing the DNS servers on your router.
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KokuRyu: "In a moment I am about to reset modem and router."

If you haven't done this in the troubleshooting process yet, I'm guessing it willl probably fix your issue. If not, try changing your DNS servers on the router level to Google's ( and, save the setting, and reboot the router again. If you want to get extra fancy, try running Google's free app Namebench to find the best DNS servers for you.
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Response by poster: thanks for your help. now wikipedia has stopped working on my phone too. its late here so I am going to try resetting my modem and router and will update you all in the morning. Thank you very much for your help so far.
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Is it possible your IP got banned? My kids tried to edit incorrect info on Wikipedia years ago and did something wrong which resulted in my IP address being banned for a month. Maybe you are on Dynamic DNS and just got assigned a banned IP?
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You can test the banned-IP concept by trying a proxy server.
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The blocked IP should only affect one's ability to edit Wikipedia not to actually load it. If someone is being blocked from reading Wikipedia because their IP is blocked from editing then this is a serious bug and needs to be reported to Wikipedia.
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Response by poster: Restarted modem and router and still no luck, so I guess I will change the DNS server.

I don't think I have been banned from Wikipedia because I do not edit it, and also Tumblr does not load.
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Are you with Shaw? It's been down since last night here, too (Victoria, BC). Here's a thread that may be helpful.
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Response by poster: Ha! It always comes back to Shaw, doesn't it? Yes, I am in Victoria and I'm on Shaw.

I did change the DNS settings in my router, though, to Google and not Shaw (and then restarted the router and modem) but still no luck.
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Response by poster: According to Cat Face's link:

It's not a DNS issue it's a routing problem. But it's happening here in Victoria BC as well. I was able to confirm this with traceroutes and mtr
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At the university, it looked like the headers of the page were loading, but seemed as if an include might have been blocking the rest of the page. I couldn't be arsed to study the problem though and just chalked it up to the annual give-us-money notice screwing up.
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I got an apology page from Wikipedia at about 12:45 PM UK time, saying they were having on expected and undefined technical difficulties. It looked as though that page had been written on the fly. After a little while it stopped resolving, but now it's back.
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