Sync Outlook with iPhone/Gmail/iCloud. Difficulty level: IT-Managed PC.
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I want to do something that seems like it should be straightforward. My company uses awful, awful, awful iOS email/calendar/contacts software called "Good For Enterprise." It syncs with Outlook over-the-air and displays the synced info in a separate (terrible) app. There is no syncing with native email/calendar apps in iOS. How can I get my Windows 7 Outlook calendar onto my iPhone?

On my iPhone, I have connected my Google account with the native apps so I can view my gmail, gCalender, gContacts, etc. This works great, and since it's all also synced through iCloud, I can view all the same information at home on my Mac. Great!

What I want is to get my Outlook Calendar into that mix as well. Apparently this used to be possible with Google Sync, but that was shut down a while ago. Is there any way to do this now? I tried the iCloud control panel that sort of syncs Outlook with iCloud, but the implementation is poor - you have to use a separate calendar in Outlook, and that won't work at my company because the default calendar has some secret sauce for syncing calendars company-wide. All I want to do is get the events from my iPhone or Google calendar into Outlook, and vice versa. Surely this is possible?
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You might be able to use Google Sync for Outlook, to sync your Outlook calendar with Gmail. Your Gmail account may have to be a Google Apps account for it to work. Not sure if you can push only from Outlook to Google. If you sync both directions, your (personal) Google Calendar events will end up in your Outlook calendar.
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My previous employer used Good. Yeah, I hated it too.

The reason they used it was to avoid exactly what you want to do. While your corporate email is "sandboxed" in the Good app, it is encrypted and password protected and protected in whatever way the company dictates.

This is done to mitigate against the risk of someone unauthorized accessing your email (which is the company's IP) in the event your phone is lost/stolen/hijacked.

In short, what you want to do is what Good is specifically designed to make impossible (or at least very difficult).
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