Dinner near Chicago Symphony Center?
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What's a good dinner spot within reasonable walking distance of the Symphony Center in Chicago? Ideal price range would be, say, $12-25 entrees. I don't care if it's Asian or seafood or Italian or whatever as long as it's tasty.

Apologies if a similar question has been asked. I was unable to find anything searching the archives here.
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I actually ate at Tesori, which is straight up in the Symphony Center building, last month, and it was really nice. Pretty standard Italian but I was pleasantly surprised how good it was.

A large group of MeFites also just at the Gage this weekend, and it was also spectactular.

(Note: each of these have some entrees outside of your price range, but I've definitely eaten at both well for within it.)
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We are pretty find of Miller's Pub down that way.
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Sorry to be flip, but dude, this is Chicago we're talking about. Tasty restaurants abound. In fact, I'm not sure there's a BAD restaurant in walking distance of the CSO. If you don't have ANY special needs or restrictions, I'm not sure what you want from us. Anyway, here's a previously from one block north/west that may help.
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Russian Tea Time!
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We ate at The Berghoff which we found tasty, within walking distance, and within y/our budget. I've found Millers Pub to be kind of hit or miss lately, but I've heard great things about the Gage.
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To reiterate Mike above, we just had our Chicago Mefi Fall Formal at The Gage, and it was delicious. It should be in your price range as well.
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Actually, we had a pretty bad experience at Aria. The foie gras was rubbery, the duck pho tasted like DUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! with a little bit of other stuff on the side and they had nowhere to put coats, not even extra chairs.

Don't go there.
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Mercat is four blocks away.
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Seconding Russian Tea Time!
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The Gage would be my first choice, hands down. The food is excellent, and there are plenty of options in your price range (though there are more slightly above that range).
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Mercat is one of my new favorites, and I'm generally not a fan of small plates.
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