Windows.Form component name
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Windows form programming: I'm searching my brain for the term that describes the form component that allows you to copy items from one list to a second.

You know the sort of thing...

Add >>
Add All >>
Remove <<
Remove All <<

... in the middle. Its got a term but really struggling to recall it

Sorry for the vagary but one of my synapses is missing
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I usually program those sorts of functions using Command Buttons, with appropriate code in the associated event procedures. i.e.

(air code: assume List1 in the left, List2 on the right, Command1 in the middle)

Command1.Caption = "Add >>"

Private Sub Command1_Click()

List2.Additem List1.SelectedItem

End Sub

I don't know of any discrete component that does what you are suggesting.
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Response by poster: I'm not after a component as such - I've rolled my own [in php], but there's definately a catch-all term for the functionality. I want release it into the community, and naturally want to clasify it by it's common(?) terminology.

Back of my mind says something along the lines of teeter like teeter totter or maybe it's one of a million other words begining with t. Or any other letter for that matter.
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Best answer: Picklist
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For some reason we seem to call the one we made for a "multi-select client."

How does that distinguish it from a list box or check box list, you ask? I really don't know, but that's what we call it.

[an aside: I'm actually on a push right now to replace it with an AJAX-based component because I think those things you describe are clunky and otherwise limited.]
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As well as multi-select, I've often heard it called a Shuffle widget.

And I agree with frufry about the clunkiness of the interface. I try to get rid of them whenever possible.
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