Disney movies on Netflix streaming?
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What is the timeline for Disney movies appearing on Netflix streaming?

I was super excited when I learned that Disney movies were all going to be streaming on Netflix and now I’m wondering when they’ll all be up. I’ve seen a number are available now; is there a way to find out when the rest (or even specific movies) will show up? Many of the ones they have are things I already own (e.g. Mulan and Lilo and Stitch). I’m probably most interested in Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Beauty and the Beast but really I’d like to know about all of them. Are these going to be going up? When?
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Some of them are available in the UK -- and if you use Hola Unblocker, you can make Netflix think that's where you are.
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You might want to sign up with Can I Stream It?—the site will notify you when particular movies become available on the services you subscribe to.
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Unfortunately 2016 for most of the newer titles, since Starz has the rights through 2015. Here's an article from last year about the deal.
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Also, I'm a fan of Instantwatcher, which lists all the titles that are added to Netflix streaming.
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