When was the Italian printer Carlo Belloni in operation?
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I have a paper advertising item which, I am told, was printed by Carlo Belloni in Milan, Italy. The item appears to be from around 1920 to 1940 or perhaps earlier. For dating purposes, I would like to know when this printer was in operation. TIA
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This link and this link indicate that he was operating as early as 1893, when he was an exhibitor at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
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This is an interesting piece of information. Thanks. I did a search for "Carlo Belloni" at the first link you gave and got page 467, but only a very small part of that page. Is there a way to view the entire page so that I could see this printer's name?
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That guide is on archive.org as well: http://archive.org/details/officialdirector00worl
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Bingo! I found "Belloni, Carlo, Milan, Lithographic work" on p. 467. Many thanks for this link. Now, I would like to know when this printer ceased to exist.
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No death date, but I did find this. #17 on page 11 indicates that Belloni established his business in 1872, and was still operating as late as 1908.
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Terrific! I'm amazed at what you've found. I really appreciate all of your searching. My sincere thanks! Grazie ! This information is going to be very useful to me.
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