Ideas for fifth wedding anniversary
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What amazing fun thing can we arrange for our fifth wedding anniversary when we have 6 months to plan? Relevant details inside.

Our fifth wedding anniversary is in early March. We did not have a "real" wedding (we just got married in a courthouse) nor a reception, and it makes me kind of sad to think that we never got the experience of a wedding or honeymoon. Since this anniversary is coming up, I want to do something fun, romantic and memorable to partially make up for the lack of a real wedding.

Relevant info:

* We're DINKs in our late 20s, so expense and babysitting are non-issues.
* We're in the Baltimore/DC area.
* We're willing to travel but I hate flying so would like to avoid going anywhere more than a 2-hour flight away. A few hours of driving would be OK.
* We enjoy opportunities to eat good food and dress up.
* We enjoy the outdoors, hiking, going to the beach etc.
* I think it would be fun to do something like a renewal of vows ceremony with just us, but have no idea where/how to arrange something like that.
* I know there are Royal Caribbean cruises out of Baltimore, but we've never been on a cruise and don't know if we'd like it.

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I like Cruises, they're a pretty great way of getting away from it all. You get on the boat, and there's no phone, no internet, just y'all.

I like reading on the balcony, or hanging out in the piano bar with a cocktail watching the world go by.

If you like to eat and dress up, then you can do that on a cruise. The food is a-ite, but in some of the ports you'll have super-yummy stuff to eat.

If money is no object, get as upgraded a cabin as you can. If you can get to the "Owner's Suite" or the "Garden Suites" even better. On an NCL cruise we had the Owners Suite and it was amazing. A butler brought us special nibblies every afternoon, we had a lovely espresso bar in the cabin. Two bathrooms, a BOSE TV/sound system and a wrap around balcony. Who needed to leave the room?

We got to dine with the Captain in the French restaurant, a tour of the bridge, we met amazing people who were incredibly interesting. It was as private as we wanted, and as fun as we wanted. So incredibly fun!

The cruises from Balitimore in April are going to either Bahamas (meh) or Bermuda (Yeah!).

The Bahamas are no biggie, I can't get excited, but you do stop in Port Canaveral and you can tour the Kennedy Space Center which is pretty great!

If you want to do a vow renewal, you can request it through Royal Caribbean and they have a whole package for it!

Since you don't like to fly, this would be a great foray into cruising with a low risk.

Check out the excursions and see if they're of any interest to you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

The Bermuda cruise will be more upscale than the Bahamas cruise. More options for fine dining too.

My two cents.
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How about the Greenbrier?
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I also think the Greenbriar would be Fan-freaking-tastic!
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Choose a train-accessible destination within a few hours and then stay in a posh hotel or a quaint B&B (or a fun airbnb) within an easy walk or taxi from the station and great food options. Once you choose the perfect destination, then consider a separate AskMeFi about the best way to renew vows there. Have fun in the planning!
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Biltmore? Should definitely have dress-up and food opportunities. And maybe there is hiking around there.
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