SF story about a man who shows up in a world of women wanting adventure
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I'm trying to remember a science fiction story about a peaceful future in which there are only women and a time-traveling man shows up wanting adventure ("What, you don't have war? No soldiers?"), and I can't remember the title and can't google it up. Maybe by Joanna Russ? (End-of-story spoiler inside.)

The women, mystified by his insistence that life isn't life without the chance to test yourself against mortality, inject him with a disease that has a 50-50 chance of killing him, thinking this should satisfy his requirements. Thanks for any assistance!
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Except for the nature of the drug, this sounds like Tiptree's "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?".
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Response by poster: Certainly a similar concept, but this was a short (maybe even short-short) story, not a novella, and the nature of the drug is definitely part of it (it's the surprise ending).
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My first thought was Joanna Russ as well. I don't remember the specifics - I think the planet they were on was called Whileaway. And the book was called The Female Man. Though I may be conflating two of her books.
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I think it's When It Changed-- the Whileaway story, indeed.
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Response by poster: Again, similar theme but no dice. Must have disease injection as surprise ending!
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