What is the best interactive anatomy atlas for OSX?
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I am looking for an anatomy atlas to use on my Mac (running Mountain Lion) that lets me see the body in 3D, rotate it, peel away layers, and shows as much detail as possible. It must use Latin names.

There are two major anatomy atlas apps in the Mac App Store: 3D4Medical's Essential Anatomy and Visible Body's Human Anatomy Atlas. They both look great, but they also seem very basic. They both have a free skeleton atlas that serves as a demo, and in there the tibia, for example, is just tibia. There's no mention of the condylus medialis/lateralis and the malleolus medialis/lateralis. To see those, presumably one has to buy their separate skeleton apps. They also have muscle apps and nervous system apps. I would much prefer to have one application, perhaps with an option to show more or less detail. If one of those is still best though, I want to hear that too. If anyone has tried both of these and has a clear preference, I would love to hear why.

I also searched for other 3D anatomy atlases and found that Elsevier offers two 3D atlases online (Netter's and Elsevier's), but they're $40 for 3 months. I would much rather buy something, or if it must be a subscription, about $50/year sounds better.

I'll mention again that Latin names are a must as English isn't my primary language and my books use Latin terms. Currently I'm leaning toward's 3D4Medical's app because that shows me the Latin names with one click, whereas with Visible Body's app I have to click an "extra info" button to get the Latin name. But I'm very open to suggestions and hope there exists an even better and more comprehensive application.
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Check out this thread: http://ask.metafilter.com/169119/Can-you-point-me-to-3D-models-I-can-move-and-zoom-around
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Response by poster: Thanks PickeringPete! There are some nice links in there, but they did not have the amount of detail needed to study anatomy. I did bookmark the Yahoo tool though, that looks very useful for a quick overview of general anatomy.
Recommendations for comprehensive atlases remain welcome!
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Look at the human-anatomy-atlas in the Mac App store. I haven't used it but it says it has Latin.
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Duh. Sorry, missed that you had already ruled this out.
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Might not be what you want but Google Body browser evolved (?) into Zygote Body as I understand it.
You could check out http://www.zygote.com/
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Response by poster: Thanks again PickeringPete! I appreciate you helping me search. I think Zygote only has an iOS atlas (that does look nice - though I'm unclear about the level of detail they provide). I had really hoped there would be something with lots of detail in one app (I want nerves and muscles and tendons and a bit more detail in skeleton structures than just, say, "tibia"), but I haven't found it. I think I'll go with the 34DMedical apps in the App Store, but if someone stumbles upon this topic later on and has a great recommendation, please leave a comment!
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There is a Chrome App called Biodigital Human. I'm not sure it meets all your requirements but might be worth a look.
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