Tell me all the cool things to do and places to go in Rotterdam
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I can show you all around Amsterdam, Haarlem, even Alkmaar and Utrecht...but I know nearly nothing about Rotterdam. I have friends visiting soon, so I'm looking for suggestions.

My friends (and I) are interested in architecture, good or special food, unique shops, especially for unusual men's clothing (Concrete in Den Haag is a favorite, for example) and interesting areas of town in general.

Also, the few times I've been to R'dam, it's seemed unusually spread out by Dutch standards with no real centrum. What's the best way to get around? Any suggested routes?

I'll already have access to the port lined up (I work in the industry), but any other suggestions very welcome.
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If you're interested in architecture, the NAI is an obvious choice. Close to the NAI and the "Museumpark" are the Nieuwe Binnenweg and the Witte de Withstraat, which both have interesting shops.
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I can answer your question on how to get around: use public transportation. Both the metro and the tram are very efficient.

Here are some useful links.
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Seconding Museumpark; and if you want an old-towny vibe, take a stroll through Delfshaven, which has some decent cafes. Centraal Station -> Museumpark -> Delfshaven is a feasible walking tour, but both destinations are accessible by subway. (Trams and buses will take you where the subway won't, but I doubt you'll need them.) Either way, public transportation is the most efficient and least stressful way to get around in most larger Dutch cities; however if you're only the slightest bit adventurous, renting bicycles is always worth considering, if only because you'll see more.
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I do like Witte de With (nearby Hotel Bazar is a fun spot for a drink or snacks). The Boijmans is one of our favorite museums in the world.
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A stroll along the Maas is nice (some years ago I studied at the Erasmus university, near the Kralingse Zoom subway station, and at the end of the afternoon I usually walked back along the river towards the city center).

The kubuswoningen (cube houses) are interesting, and can be reached via the nearby Blaak train and subway station.

N-thing the Museumpark, and adding the Wereldmuseum.
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