iPhone app that sets reminders based on BOTH location and time?
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Is there an iPhone app that allows me to set reminders that are shown only if I'm in a specific place at a specific time?

Lots of apps allow setting reminders based on arriving or leaving a location, but I'm looking for one that lets me set reminders that will only be triggered if I'm in a specific location at the right time For example, if I'm at work at 10am, remind me to do something. Does such a thing exist? If not, any hacky workaround ideas? Thanks for the help!
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Hacky, incomplete workaround:

Omnifocus for iPhone lets you set up geofenced contexts anywhere. You can be notified upon arrival or upon leaving.

You can also set up tasks to become "available" in the future. So if I want to be reminded to do something at 10 a.m. Monday, I can go ahead and input that now, but set it for 10 a.m. Monday.

Now, if it's 10 a.m. Monday or later and I arrive at the place where the task is, I'll get a notification that that task is available for me.

Shortcomings: This doesn't work if you're already in the location when the task becomes available. Also, you can't have tasks "expire" automatically, so if you only need to be reminded today, and you're at work so you don't get the notification, you'll get reminded tomorrow when you arrive (unless you manually check it off or delete it between now and then)
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checkmark does this.
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Response by poster: I tried out Checkmark just now, but it doesn't seem to allow setting a specific time AND place for reminders, only one or the other. The only option related to location is to show the reminder x minutes after arrival at a specific place. I'd like a reminder that displays at 10:30am IF I'm currently at work.
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Oh this is a good one. I hope it does exist. I need, for example, a geolocation reminder to buy X when I am near Y. I always seem to zone when I am passing the home center even though I know I need to buy some glue or nails to finish a project. Ideally this could be a Siri related note taking, place finding thingee. Siri, remind me to buy milk at the stop and shop on Maine street. Then when in the vicinity of Maine street... well you get the idea.
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Response by poster: Gungho, I think Checkmark will do what you're looking for, i.e. remind you to do things when you near a specific place. The Reminders app also lets you do this, but makes it harder (or impossible?) to select places that aren't in your contacts list, I believe.
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Response by poster: No luck in finding any other options myself, unfortunately. I've asked Checkmark developers to consider adding it as a new feature, so hopefully sometime in the future my wish will be granted...
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