Where can I get a used mattress sanitized (baked) in Atlanta, Georgia
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So I recently learned that sanitizing used mattresses by baking them at 230 (+/-) degrees for several hours is something required by state law in several states is a thing. Now that I know it can be done, I'm interested in doing this to our new (used) mattress that hasn't yet come into our home in Atlanta, Georgia, but can't find a service provider.

It looks like all the mattress "sanitizing" places in Georgia use hand-held steamers and vacuums. Does anyone have any suggestions for a place that I can haul the mattress to that will bake it for me for a fee? If anyone knows of anyone that just does this in general (e.g. a thrift store) in metro Atlanta, that would be useful as well - I'm happy to call them and offer a good donation in exchange for the service.

Note: I know used mattresses can be a contentious topic, I'm not looking for advice on whether or not to buy a used mattress is wise (the ship has sailed), but if you have advice on other useful things we can do, I'm open to them.

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If you can't find a thrift store kind of place to help, an off the wall alternative might be a paint shop that powdercoats metals. They will have a large walk in oven kind of thing that you might be able to get them to let you rent.

But I wonder about the financial viability of this process. I have to think it is going to be awfully costly to heat up that much stuff for that long of a time.
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You may also want to consider putting a mattress protector on the mattress. The mattress is protected from the outside but the outside is also protected from the mattress.

Despite the horror stories, bedbugs aren't magical creatures of infinite endurance all of the time. You only hear about the times where it gets really bad and there are only so many precautions you can make. New mattresses are prohibitively expensive so the risk/reward trade of doing what you're doing, plus some simple precautions, is not a bad decision.

If you Google around, you might find instructions on using the sun and black garbage bags to sanitize on a hot day, but we're probably too far into the Fall at this point.
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