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I have searched to the end of the earth trying to figure out how to do this but cannot find a thing that fits. I sell soap with various scents. The scent descriptions are written as "Category Descriptions" and "Product Short Descriptions". I would like to create a new page which lists all the scents with their descriptions. I'm okay with hard coding the name on the page (in fact, I hyperlinked the name to the category page) but would love to call the description from one of the two places it already exists so that three places need not be updated if a description is changed. I've looked at functions and shortcodes and just can't make it fit. I'm sure I'm missing something. I have Canvas (child theme). Any thoughts are highly appreciated and I will be forever grateful! Holly
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Are you just after the category_description($category_id) function?
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Response by poster: No, that will not call product categories.
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