Shave and a Haircut in the Bay Area
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My father is getting married next week in Berkeley and I thought he, my brother and I could get a shave and a haircut the day before as a special wedding male bonding kinda thing.

Looking for a place that can shave or trim a beard and maybe shave the head as well. Do barber shops ever do that? If not, a simple short buzz with the clippers will do. Not looking to spend a ton of money but a classy joint would be nice.

We┬┤ll be in Berkeley but San Francisco or Oakland would be ok, too.

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A friend swears by Temescal Alley Barber Shop off 49th and Telegraph in Oakland.
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Also, they say they're walk-in only but if you tell them you're a wedding party they might let you reserve a time.
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I recently tried out Slick and Dapper in Oakland and really liked them. They're accessible via the 12 from Berkeley BART if that's a relevant concern.
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I'd recommend Fellow Barbershop on Valencia - they're walk in only, but they might make an exception for you. Shave and hair cut runs about $40, I think. Best haircut I've had in years.
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I am a woman, but the men in my family have always been satisfied with Jerry and Laura at the Grand in El Cerrito. It's a classic barber shop and a short walk from BART. (It's only two stops from downtown Berkeley.)
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I wish I could help you with Bay Area suggestions, but I just wanted to say that I think this is a fantastic idea, and it was a blast when I took my brothers and a friend before my wedding. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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