Breaking Bad Finale viewing Party, D.C. Area Edition
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Help me mefites! I'm in the D.C. Area on business, and my hotel doesn't have AMC!! I have tried googling to find a finale viewing party in this area, but to no avail. Does anyone know of any finale viewing parties in the Washington, D.C./McLean, VA area? Maybe a bar that's showing it? Im desperate to see how the show will end, preferably with other fans of the show and/or fellow Mefites...any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance!!
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Breaking Bad at the bar: Where to watch the finale in DC

Also, Angelika Mosaic's Facebook page says they will be showing a marathon all weekend leading up to the finale - in their lounge. It's in Merrifield, close to Tysons Corner.
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Mahalo!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!
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