Do I need a second set of social media accounts?
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I am about to launch a project that I think will get a lot of attention. I have personal/business social media accounts already, but do I need a second set of social media accounts just for this project to keep my personal/business ones from getting cluttered?
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I would say social media accounts for the project (not for you because of the project, if you know what I mean) would be important, for sure. Don't get a third personally-pointing account for this, as you can always link the project's social media accounts to your professional personally-pointing accounts.
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Yes, if you're starting a project that will in any way interface with the public (even for market research or "building an audience/customer base" purposes), definitely start an account for the project.

I am in the process of doing a thing not unlike what you're doing, and one piece of advice that I have is that, if you're hoping to build an audience or a customer base via pre-existing social media connections, do not assume that once you announce the existence of the Official Project Accounts, everyone who cares will go over there and you can avoid crossing the streams.

When I started my project, I sort of figured that everyone in my networks who wanted updates about the project would go follow it on twitter or like our facebook page or whatever. Instead, I kept getting confused messages about "Hey wait aren't you starting that project?" and "You should talk more about Project! I want to hear more about it!" I was really reluctant to spam my personal feed with talk about the project, but I was ultimately forced to due to popular demand. And it's ultimately one of the things that has helped my project become successful.

So don't be too afraid to mix personal and project-related accounts as appropriate. It won't freak people out nearly as much as you may think.
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