Not Outside Over There
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My daughter is trying to remember a picture book from her childhood. It involves "goblins that capture these children and then turn them into food that kind of has characteristics that explain the children, like there was a fat one that turned into pie because he liked pie a lot, and there was a huge feast. A girl came in and realized that they were about to eat the children, and she has to figure out how to get the children back. She tricks the goblins into eating food that looks like the food that they made out of the children, but it's actually real food, and she rescues the children."

She says it's not Outside Over There, but it had similar-looking illustrations.

Any ideas? I got nothin'.
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Best answer: Heckedy Peg
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Response by poster: She says "OMG! That's totally it! Whoa. The Internet is magical." Thank you!
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Soinds also a bit like Roald Dahl's The Witches so if she's looking for more of that kind of thing...
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Shades of Troll 2!

Disclaimer: Troll 2 contains no trolls.
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