I need a drink.
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I'm looking for something good to drink at night while writing.

I work full time and have a daughter, which leaves me a few hours at night to write before I go to bed. For years, I have been drinking red wine while writing, but ever since having a daughter, wine makes me too tired and unfocused to write.

I like to sip rather than gulp and am looking for something non-alcoholic and non-carbonated--a little caffeine is OK. I like strong tastes such as red wine, espresso, dark chocolate. I don't like cold drinks, only room temperature or hot.

I basically want something to sip for inspiration that won't keep me up all night or put me to sleep. Any recommendations?
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Hot Ribena, with a little lemon.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 9:48 PM on October 2, 2005

Good in tea, also.
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Hot lemonade or apple cider.
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Hot, mulled apple cider.
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I've lately become a big fan of yerba mate for just this purpose (no daughter involved though.) Perhaps try it during the day to see how it affects you first.
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Constant Comment tea from Bigelow is a classic: black tea flavored with orange and clove. There are lots of orange spice teas available, but this one beats them all, IMO. Best made with bulk tea (order it online from Bigelow), as the tea bags lose flavor quickly. Good with sugar and milk.
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Apple cider and go with a local brand. I've not found a national apple cider brand that is as good as something produced at any local apple farm, it's just one of those things. Though Belvedere on the rocks, when sipped (it almost has to be unless you're hardcore to the extreme) over the course of say an hour will actually stimulate you more than make you sleepy. I find the same thing about red wine. Of course if you get too accustomed to the taste sipping may lead to drinking -- but you're a big man and can handle it.
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Some good answers in this thread.
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I'll second cribcage's suggestion of mulled apple cider, and add that you can make it with cloves and cinnamon stick if you don't want to shell out $16 for the Williams-Sonoma set.
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Hot chocolate? Not just for children anymore! Mexican hot chocolate, like Ibarra, is especially tasty.
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Apple Cider thirded.

Sorry; I just wanted to write thirded after seeing the thread fionab pointed out.
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Redbush tea.
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Im pretty in to decaf green tea. Simple but it does the job.
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A large pot of chinese tea. It's something I can drink all day and find satisfying, and it doesn't put me to sleep or wake me up.

No sugar, full of antioxidants, and you can brew it to a strength that suits you.

There are also a number of different types of Chinese tea. My favourite is gunpowder green. Mmmm!
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Chai with honey. Anything with honey. Redbush seconded.
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Water (carbonated, perhaps)with fresh lime juice was my favorite, when I lived somewhere I could buy limes and carbonated water.
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Tazo decaffeinated black chai with a little milk and a teaspoon of honey.
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Ayahuasca inspires!
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Third for redbush tea, a.k.a. rooibos.
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I like mint tea because it can't over-steep, and it's a lovely refreshing taste.
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second on yerba mate...some believe it is a mild hallucinogen.
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Yerba mate is -not- a hallucinogen. It is good, although definitely an acquired taste....and you'll need a bombilla.
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