NW Passage - Who is the backup singer?
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I love NW Passage by Stan Rogers, but I am particularly into the backup singer whose voice rises above the rest on the chorus. Do you know who that is? I would love to hear some of his songs.
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I don't know for sure, but my guess would be his brother Garnet Rogers. He definitely worked with Stan a lot before Stan's death and played backup, given that he also sings I'd say he's a good candidate. You could try listening to his version of Northwest Passage and compare (sadly I am at work and not able to have sound on atm).
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Best answer: Ooh, just found credits for the album. My money's still on Garnet, but could also have been Chris Crilly, David Eadie or David Alan Eadie.
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Best answer: Listening to it, my money is also on that being Garnet's voice you're singling out with those sort of yelping swells as he cuts off the notes.
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