Heeft een van de commentatoren in deze video hebben W. Vlaamse accent?
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Does one of the commentators in this video have a West Flemish accent?

Just trying to see how good my accent detection skills are.

That's all, thanks.
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Let's start humbly: the two guys seem to have different accents. One of these does, to my ears, resemble Zeeuws (on the Dutch side), so you may be on to something there.

[fyi: "Heeft een van de commentatoren in deze video een West-Vlaams accent?"]
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Response by poster: Is it the fellow with the higher (less deep) voice?
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The higher pitched dude sounds more Dutch, but they both sound pretty West-Flemish/Zeelander/maritime-en-Engles? to me.

Here is a great example of someone really going all out into a thick West-Flemish accent, its also hilarious.
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Best answer: The guys are probably the ex-cyclist José de Cauwer and sports commentator Michel Wuyts (regulars on Sporza). de Cauwer speaks obviously in a dialect, but it doesn't sound like pure coastal West-Flemish, although there is quite a bit of similarity. According to his Wikipedia page he was actually born in East Flanders, but there's such variation in local dialects that my husband (who grew up in a West Flemish speaking family and is also a big fan of bicycle racing) can't really pinpoint it. Wuyts is doing his best to speak Algemeen Nederlands, as TV profs in Flanders mostly do.
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