Adventures in Love Poetry
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I'm writing an essay that, in part,discusses love poetry. I am--pardon the pun--well-versed in poetry and know a lot of love poems,but I'm looking for interesting historical facts or anecdotes involving love poems. (The only good story I have is Dante Gabriel Rosetti sending guys to reclaim the poems he'd thrown in his wife's coffin.) Thanks!
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John Berryman waited 20 years to publish his Sonnets in order to avoid hurting the wife or the mistress upon which the poems were based.

Hart Crane's final poem, "The Broken Tower," refers to Crane's only female sex partner, and that didn't go so well for him. (Poor Hart Crane.)

Laura Riding's series of Poems to Alastor, published in The Fugitive, were addressed to Fugitive editor Allen Tate, with whom she had an affair.

Maybe those are a little more boring than what you're looking for, though.
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