Windows XP, have Avast Antivirus program, now I have McAfee Virusscan...
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I don't know how this happened, I have used Avast Antivirus for years, now my computer is telling me in the Control Panel on Security Center I have McAfee Virusscan running and it is up to date - but I can't find the program - I tried looking in Add/Remove Programs and by searching for it and it is not coming up. If I leave my Avast Antivirus running the Security Center tells me I have two antivirus programs running and need to remove one. If I could figure out how to operate the McAfee Virusscan to update and scan it I would consider taking the avast off. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Do any of your installed browsers have a McAfee toolbar installed?
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I can't remember, but I think the Java update tries to install McAfee.
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Delete them and install the free version of panda cloud has been very well behaved, operating in the background on my xp for years now.
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Best answer: I agree that you most likely got it by not opting out during a Java update. My ex and my best friend do this at least a couple of times a year. If you are having trouble uninstalling through Add/Remove, you can download and run the McAfee Removal Tool. Download link and instructions are available here in the "Removing McAfee Automatically" section.
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I'm also a big fan of Tune Up Utilities.. especially for the non-tech geek, it lets you see what start up programs are there that may not show themselves elsewhere. You can turn off and turn on startup programs from their interface easily. (it also has a host of other easy-config things for cleaning up Windows problems with registry and such)

It's most likely a toolbar add-in, though. I'd find and kill McAfee.. Avast has been much better behaved over the years for me.
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Response by poster: Thanks gimli, I was never able to find McAfee on my computer but I did have success with the removal tool.
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