Bent in-ear earbuds?
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My three-tier silicone(?) earbuds now have sharp bends in the lowest, most flexible part of the bottom and middle tiers (despite only storing them in the provided receptacle). Is there anyway to return these things to their proper shape, or do I need to buy new ones? It's affecting the seal.
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Best answer: I think this is just something that can happen with use, unfortunately! It looks like it is probably time to replace them.
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You can usually buy replacement silicone ear bud tips. If you're lucky your next set of earphones will come with extras.
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Response by poster: Ah well, I wasn't holding my breath for a solution. Thanks guys!

Going to see if I can import replacement tips. Hopefully I'll have replacements in 6-8 weeks?
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If the silicone portion is removable, I've heard some say that placing silicone items in very hot or near-boiling water for a minute can help them return to the original mold shape, but I can't personally vouch for it.
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