Home made super hot chips?
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Would it be easy to make a homemade version of these potato chips? They are really expensive, but I am a hot foods junkie, and am bored with just dumping ghost pepper sauce on things.

I am not really interested in making potato chips from scratch, which is what I am finding recipes for on google, more like just plain buying chips and coating them myself (a good balance between time expenditure and price). I tried making hot peanuts once but it didn't turn out well and the bhut jolokia powder wouldn't stick (I added oil even!). So I don't want to just dump bhut jolokia powder into a bag of chips, and I don't think that would work. I am open to any other suggestions also, especially snack like foods I could take to work for lunch. I am mostly immune to capsaicin, though, so I'm looking for things in the "oh god, why?" category.
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Here's a DYI version someone did for seasoned potato chips. Instead of the 2 teaspoons of chili powder you could sub your bhut jolokia powder.
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