Where do I sell higher end clothing in SF?
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I'm familiar with Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads, but I have some nicer stuff (BCBG, DVF, Elie Tahari) that I wouldn't mind selling. Consignment sounds like a pain in the ass but if people really insist it's my best bet, I'd consider it (if so, where is best?). If no other options for selling, BE>Crossroads, right?
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I haven't used them myself, but I live near Cris and they seem like they get a lot of nice stuff.
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I've bought BCBG, Elie Tahari, and brands of that caliber at Buffalo Exchange before. I think you're over-estimating how much your clothes are worth and what counts as "designer" in a resale context these days.

That said, if the DVF pieces are relatively new, in perfect (like basically never worn) condition, and have the little holograms on the inner tags still attached, you may be able to get more for them on eBay. This is especially true if you can do some research on each piece to find out what it originally retailed for, find photos of celebrities wearing it, etc.
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The Real Real will consign the DVF and the Tahari (not the BCBG). I've only bought from them--not consigned--but they are easy to deal with on the buying end.
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Best answer: Consignment IS a pain in the ass and in the end, the hassle isn't worth it.

First of all, consignment shops are picky, picky, picky. They may not want your size, or they may not want your season (typically they want the upcoming season, not the last season) so unless it's Fall/Winter things you want to consign, they may not want it taking up room in their shop.

Just because you paid a lot for it, don't think that you'll get a lot for it. Usually, you'll get 50% of what the item sells for. The items may be priced about 20% of what you paid for them.

So if you bought that skirt for $200, it may sell for $40, and you may see $20. But only WHEN it sells. I'd rather just sell it at Buffalo Exchange for $10 and get cash in hand. Actually, even THAT'S too much trouble for me. I'd rather give it to Goodwill and get the deduction.

Also Consignment shops want the items to be clean. By the time you get them dry cleaned, you won't have realized any profit.

Most Consignment shops have days and times to discuss consignments with you, call ahead and make and appointment. Ask about what seasons and sizes they're accepting. No one wants to waste their time, so the more you can find out ahead of time, the better.
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I don't know if selling in person is a requirement for you, but there's this if selling online is okay: https://www.liketwice.com/sell/. I've never sold anything so I can't vouch for it, but if I had something to sell, I would. They have a little tool there to estimate what you might get for what you're selling. You can request a prepaid bag or print a prepaid label.
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Yeah, I've gotten BCBG and DVF at Crossroads and did not pay that much. I think BE and Crossroads kind of cater to different audiences.... Crossroads really care about brands and whether it's currently in style, whereas I feel Buffalo exchange is for the quirky hipster crowd. Have you tried Ebay? Honestly, unless these items are still fashion, you might be over-estimating their worth (but selling them for small change and another person to enjoy is still better than keeping and never wearing or throwing away). You can always take them to Crossroads and see what they offer.
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