What particular keychain USB thumb drive would you recommend?
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16 gig capacity or higer would be nice. I don't care how it attaches to the keychain, just want one that won't break off in 2 weeks or 2 months. Sturdy it must be. What do you recommend?
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Kingston Datatraveler Se9. Small, pretty much indestructible and looks rather splendid.
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My wife and I have had this one for a couple years. I carry mine on my keychain constantly. No problems so far. I'm using a ring from another keychain to hold it on.
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I've had a LOT of these fail and get corrupted blocks/start being incredibly slow because the memory chips inside were dying/etc. A lot of them use very crappy flash.

The most reliable ones i've ever seen, of which there are still some functioning from like 8-10 years ago though would be these and their variations. There's some 1-4gb ones kicking around my office that just will not die. At some point my company got them for everyone and they're all still around.

There's plenty of cheaper ones out there, but honestly i'd never buy one of those "TEAM GROUP" cheapies off of newegg again. Too many stupid dead drives.
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I've had a Cruzer Titanium for years now and it's completely indestructible; if necessary, just pick up a thicker/stronger keychain ring (should be able to get one for <$1 at a decent hardware store) to hold it on your keychain.
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Best answer: I've tried and failed at this same project until I found the Kingston Datatraveler (like pipeski above). I got mine at newegg for cheap.
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Best answer: I had a LaCie Key usb flash drive and it worked great.
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seconding the LaCie
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(Mine never broke btw, I just lost it).
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I've had good experiences with Lacie key drives.

(I've also repeatedly considered buying a Corsair Survivor, but I wear chinos, not tactical cargo pants, knawmean?)
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N'thing the LaCie. I love mine, and it holds an honored spot on my fob next to a Gerber Shard.
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Best answer: Here's a review of the Kingston vs. a LaCie drive (not that I have a horse in this race - I've also owned a drive very similar to the LaCie and it was perfectly ok)
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The Best USB 3.0 Thumb Drive (A 32 GB Sandisk for $45) on Wirecutter.
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Another happy owner of a Kingston DataTraveler....
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I am gnomeloaf, destroyer of thumb drives. I've had a LaCie for over two years. Average lifespan of all that came before: two weeks. Also: Partitioning the LaCie into open and passworded is a piece of cake, in PC or Mac formats. Though if you're moving from one to the other, you'll need to start from scratch.
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I have a La Cie key and have had it for years. I don't even keep the little protector doinker over the end of it and it's held up terrifically.
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My Kingston Datatraveler went through the washing machine and the drying machine on my keychain, and it still works fine. Plus it doesn't look ugly or shitty; it looks like my keys.
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This is what I have. It's tiny, sleek, and doesn't really have much of a way to break off, and apparently these things have survived the winter outdoors under ice.
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I just got the Kingston Data Traveler last night, and I really love it! Durable and tiny!
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