Looking for inexpensive recipe box
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I'm going to give a collection of my recipes to a number of people this Christmas. I've not had any luck finding an affordable, plain vanilla, box (made of any kind of material), to hold 3" x 5" cards. By affordable I mean under $10. I'd like these boxes to match my old wooden recipe box which is the standard 5.5"w, 4"h (including lid), and 3.25"d. If I can't find such a box, the alternative is to make my own. Again, there's a dearth of information online about how to do this, especially for a box of the above dimensions. Does anyone know of such a product or DYI info?
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How about this box?
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These would generally be called just a "recipe box" -- Amazon has a few option:

This one, which is my favorite but is $15
This one at $12.50
This one (available from its real retailer here -- search for recipe box, along with a slightly different version) which you'd probably want to finish yourself, but is well within your price constraints.

Etsy also has many options -- I limited the search it to handmade (so you could get multiples - but warning that this criteria is wrong a lot) and $15 or under. If you can find one that's close maybe you can talk to the seller about tweaking it to be right (or negotiating a volume discount).
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Etsy! Also antique malls & flea markets. I'm part of a local barter page on facebook too, where people are very crafty & woodworky.
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If you're located in the US, Michaels Crafts sells plain (balsa?) wood recipe boxes you can decorate yourself.
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This one might work nicely -- it's under $4 but shipping for one is another $5 (when you buy in a large quantity, shipping goes down substantially). I can't vouch for the quality of the item, unfortunately.

These are black plastic, plain as can be, $5 and will ship for free if you buy five or more.
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Have you tried Michael's or JoAnn's Fabrics? I know they have unfinished hinged boxes - they probably have the proper size.
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All the dollar plus stores around me have recipe boxes of various qualities. The plastic ones are sort of ugly but handle exposure to water and liquids.
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I'd suggest taking a stack of cards and wandering around your local container store, trying things out. There could be some clever plastic versions of what you seek. Office supply stores have them too. Also, not even sure if it still exists, but Cost Plus World Market used to have tons and tons of interesting and affordable boxes of kinds.
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I've found nice boxes at garage sales and thrift stores, for way under $10.
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