Children's books that include children of color?
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I'm looking for board books that do not just portray white children. Books appropriate for ages 1-4 would be fine, but I'm buying for a 2-year-old so a bit on the simpler side is better. Thank you!
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Where is Baby's Belly Button? (portrays children of various races)


Also, famously, The Snowy Day.
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"Please Puppy Please" isn't a board book but my kids loved it as toddlers.
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Here's a bunch more, proper board ones.
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Ezra Jack Keats wrote lots of beautiful books with a little African-American boy, Peter. Here:
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Response by poster: I don't just want board books, actually, I miswrote. Picture books and the like are great too.

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Whose Knees are these? by Jabari Asim
Please, Baby, Please by Spike Lee
More, More, More said the Baby by Vera B. Williams
Helen Oxenbury's All Fall Down, Clap Hands, and more have a complete cast.
These are all at a toddler level.
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There's a really cute series of board books based on Motown Hits.
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I am a big fan of Todd Parr. His people come in all colors, including purple and green.
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"More More More," Said the Baby Beautiful illustrations.
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And if you're looking for "messagy" books, Freedom on the Menu is quite moving.

Toni Morrison wrote some interesting and morally ambiguous kids books about non-human characters but with a culturally black voice.

Happy to Be Nappy is super cute.

Chinatown has very pretty illustrations.

I love, love, love Ezra Jack Keats: beautiful artwork that shows admiration for urban people of color, but interestingly, he was white. Not sure if you're hoping for books by authors of color.
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Several of Robert Munsch's stories feature illustrations of non-white protagonists. Ones that spring to mind: David's Father, A Promise Is a Promise (I loved it at age four or five, but it might be too scary for some), Something Good, Wait and See, More Pies, We Share Everything, and Up Up Down.
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I remember Sesame Street books (when they feature real children) were pretty diverse.
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Everyone Poops has non-white children
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Subway Ride by Paul DuBois Jacobs is a wonderful, rhythmic trip through the NYC subway system. Fun to read and also not featuring just white people. Also Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel (comes in boy versions and girl versions) - practical and with whimsical pictures.
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Lola at the Library
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Tiny Benson (my daughter) loved Global Babies.

Man, I read that book a crap ton of times.
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Gyo Fujikawa - my kids loved "Babies" and "Let's Eat."
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Taro Gomi wrote Everyone Poops (which is fun and great for that age) but also has lots of other lovely books. I like My Friends the best.
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Barefoot Books publishes an array of titles featuring many different cultures and they have a wide range of reading levels available. It's more like geographical/cultural diversity than racial diversity, but hopefully a good resource anyhow.
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Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang
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I Am Mixed by Garcelle Beauvais
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My 21 month old loves "More More More"!!! Also, we have some picture books about children in Ghana, my daughter is also especially fond of them. (Particularly "My Happy Book" and "Open and Closed.")

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes is a sweet little book about diversity.

Gyo Fujikawa's books often have children of different races depicted.
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Ezra Jack Keats has a lot of really great books for kids. Most, if not all, of them have children of color in them.
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We read the aforementioned "Subway" pretty much every day. (adorable photo evidence)
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Everywhere Babies!
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Janine Macbeth's "Oh, Oh, Baby Boy!" is awesome for portraying both people of colour and engaged fatherhood. There's an interview with the author here.
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What Makes a Baby is a great book (in board or picture book versions) that is educational on baby-making while managing to refrain from a single gender/sex/race-normative depiction or description.
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Some that I've recently read with my 2.5 year son that he enjoyed:

So Much!

Jalapeno Bagels [child has Latina mother, Jewish father]

I Know It's Autumn [children have white mother and Japanese American father]

What Should I Make?

Rain Play

Jazz Baby

Magic Trash [begins in the artist's childhood - labeled as 3rd grade and up, but a good read along book for younger kids.]

Sori's Harvest Moon Day : A Story of Korea

Rain School

This Little Light of Mine [other books by the illustrator, E.B. Lewis]

2nding Lola at the Library - we also liked its sequel, Lola Loves Stories.
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Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman (the picture book version, there is also a play version).
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Jazz Baby
Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match
Those Shoes
Amazing Grace
Come On, Rain
Wilma Unlimited
Goin' Someplace Special
Erandi's Braids
Whistle for Willie

These are all excellent books, but only Jazz Baby would be suitable for the low end of your age range. The others would be more suitable for a four year old (or older, and possibly an advanced three year old).
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Any person's mention of E.B. Lewis reminded me that I also like The Other Side.
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Whoever you are by Mem Fox
On Mother's Lap
Round is a Mooncake
Almost all of Ginger Foglesong Guy's books
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When my brother was about two and I was also quite small, we liked Charlie Parker Played Be Bop, which now comes in board book format. Doesn't really feature kids, but has lots of fun with rhythm and rhyme.
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Any of Taro Gomi's books. My son loves loves those books, especially Spring is Here, Peekaboo, and Mommy mommy. My Friends is probably good for a two-year old, too.
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People by Peter Spier is a picture book about variation and diversity in humanity. It has people of every color, size, shape, and age. I used to pore over it for ages when I was little.
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Check out this list from The Brown Bookshelf and this tagged, sortable list from author and bookseller Elizabeth Bluemle.
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bell hooks has written a bunch of children's books featuring protagonists of color. Grump Groan Growl was a huge hit with the toddler I read it to!
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Jump at the Sun is a series of classic and new children's stories written (or rewritten) with non-white protagonists.
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Global Babies. It's small-child crack. It's not really "about" anything, it's just pictures of babies.
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Rosemary Wells's "Yoko" series aren't people, but the animals represent different ethnicities--Yoko is of Japanese heritage.
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A Chair for my Mother is a classic, with beautiful illustrations.
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My favorite author for this was Chris Raschka. He had many titles I read to my multi-racial brood. "Hip Cat," "Happy to be Nappy," and "Charlie Parker Played Bebop" were my favorites.
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I love you, Sun
I love you, Moon

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Tiny Benson (my daughter) also really loved Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our Children. Like Global Babies, it isn't really about anything - it's just really nice, positive pictures of kids of color and really lovely.

Girl of Mine is a nice lullaby book - you can basically sing "Rockabye Baby" to it.
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Seconding Helen Oxenbury. We have this book set of her titles. My son is two and these have been some of his favorite books for at least a year.
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