Need a Seattle family photographer
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Looking for a Seattle photographer than can shoot some quirky outdoor family photos for us.

I know similar questions have been asked, but they've mostly been around Seattle wedding photography. I want to shoot some nice, outdoorsy family photos this year, since our last family photo was with the Mariner Moose.
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Clane Gessel - his website is fairly wedding focused as I'm sure that's his bread and butter but he does family portraits as well. I know about him because he volunteers to take family photos of families who are being affected by Cystic Fibrosis and he took some lovely shots of my sister and her husband (and extended familly) not long before he died. He came down to Olympia and took an hour or so shooting pretty much all possible combos of the 10 or so folks involved. The shots were all outside in front of my sister's house and he used her yard and the trees and flowers as backdrop so he can definitely deal with outdoorsy. He was time constrained because of traffic and needing to get on to another job but it never felt time constrained, if that makes sense - he wasn't rushing but still managed to get the whole gamut of shots pretty efficiently and they all turned out lovely.

It was a wonderful thing to do and my nephew has some very nice photos of his father and his entire family that wouldn't have existed if not for Mr. Gessel. I have no idea how he is price wise comparatively but any time someone asks about photographers in Seattle I mention him.
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My man Bradley is aces! Did some band photos for us, back when. He lives in MN part time, I think. But check out his work here...
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My neighborhood parenting listserv has a huge article of photographers. I don't know if you want non-personal recommendations, but I can copy and paste a bunch of them in here if you want.
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Oona Copperhill (with her then-partner) photographed my wedding and then this summer (several years later) shot family pictures solo with my husband, our toddler, and me. My parents and sister were also in some of them. She basically suggested that we think of some outdoor places we'd like to go (we went to a beach, a playground, and a neighbor's farm in the 3 hours she worked with us) and she shot photojournalist-style except for a few group photos. She has a really mellow and unobtrusive presence and it was never weird or forced, which as confirmed introverts we had been worried about. And she has a real knack for pictures of kids. Our wiggly toddler had a great time with the whole process.
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I would rave about how cool she is, how easy she is to be around, how great her work is...but really the photos speak for themselves.
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Sheryl Nelson provided an amazing photo session at a local park in autumn, and now we have an album full of memories of that beautiful day! My husband and I, and our two giant dogs, have never looked better!
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