Best video editing software for adding text and intros to screencasts?
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Looking some sort of editing software to help me add titles, text, and brandings to the existing videos and screencasts I have.

We are not looking for screencasting software that has this included, we are looking for a standalone editing tool that will allow us to add in textual elements and watermarks to video files.

More of what I'm seeking:
It can cost money or be free.
It should be very easy and intuitive for non-technical teachers to use.
It ideally should take mp4, mov, and wav files.
It should have a tech support team that is good and responsive.

What is the best and/or easiest one to use?

Previously: Similar to this 2011 question, but I am sure there are new answers now.
Another related question that didn't quite answer what I am looking for.
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What formats are these videos in?
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Response by poster: mostly mp4, wmv, and mov
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Camtasia by TechSmith is pretty awesome.

It does cost money, but it's very easy to learn how to use (and is very powerful), and TechSmith's tech support is pretty good (although it is quicker to go to a TechSmith forum for help).
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Oh never mind, you should have mentioned right off the bat that Camtasia will not work for you.

Good luck.
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Is there anything wrong with Windows Movie Maker? It's free.
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