St. Louis Cardinals Socks
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Looking for a place to buy the St. Louis Cardinals "high sock sunday" socks. Can anyone help me?

Greetings, as a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I am loving their Sunday tradition of the "high sock sunday".

I am looking at buying a pair to support the team. As can be seen in this official promotional video, they are actual socks (vs. stir-ups) and these ones look to have the STL logo on them. I know they were once given out to kids as a ball game promotion one night, but I am looking to buy a pair online (I live in Canada and am not a kid, so I am looking for an adult pair). Of course, I checked, couldn't see these exact socks, but noticed some knock off ones selling for $40+ per pair. No thanks.

So if anyone in the St. Louis area knows where these might be purchased, I would love some info. Thanks so much!
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It looks like TCK are the "official sock manufacturer" of MLB. If you to go their baseball page, they have the stirrups with logo but they are noted as custom order.

Sorry that doesn't get you there, but hopefully it's a step closer. Maybe if you e-mail them, they can sell you a pair directly or tell you whether they make a regular old sock version.
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Best answer: Check your MeMail. I'll be at Busch on Friday and can get a pair for you if your online options are fruitless.
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