Minecraft culture on Halloween question
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So the kids want to go as Minecraft characters on Halloween. They've ordered masks so that they can go as Steve, Enderman, and Creeper. (Don't ask me, I don't know either.) If they were going as comic-book characters, I would have some idea what I could dress up as in order to be consistent with them. With respect to the Minecraft universe, I have no idea. Any idea what other costumes would be consistent for me to wear that fit inside the Minecraft context?
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You could go as the original character skin, and have them chase you.
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Also, a can of compressed air would make a nose very close to that which the Creeper makes right before it attacks. Cheap to buy and would probably get you extra cool-points.
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You could go as a pig. They are a source of transportation, after all.
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If it were me, I'd go as the Minecraft Wiki, given how many times I get asked a question I can't answer and respond with "I don't know, let's check the Minecraft Wiki."
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I think Solomon meant "a can of compressed air would make a *noise* ..."
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Why not a skeleton with a bow and arrow? Consistent with Minecraft but readily recognisable as a Halloween thing even to those innocent of Minecraft. Zombie also works, but to be a Minecraft zombie you need the right green colour scheme, whereas a skeleton is a skeleton is a skeleton.

Or a big cubical white box with an angry face drawn on one side and eight (?) small trailing legs in the centre of the bottom side makes you a ghast.
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You could go as the original character skin

That's 'Steve', surely.
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Other animals in the game include cows, ducks, horses, sheep (some with bright-colored wool), wolves, ocelots/cats, and spiders. Pretty much any would be recognizable to a player of the game, in context with the other characters.

If you have a big square box, you could go as a furnace or a crafting table.
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Or there's always the noble pumpkin.
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I often schlep my kids' stuff on halloween and was considering printing out swords and pickaxes on big squares of paper and going as the inventory.
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You could go as Notch, the creator of Minecraft. He has a distinct but easy to put together look, and would be recognizable in context to minecraft fans. Plus there's a parallel to real life there.
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Going as Notch is a great suggestion.

The tallest characters in the game, I believe, are the Enderman and the Iron Golem. The Iron Golem also has a guardian role in the game, so that would fit.
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Villager, just wear a purple bath robe and keep your hands clasped together. And shave your head(if you're bald that's perfect) and wear a big fake nose.
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I was gonna suggest a block. Any block.
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Go as a stone block. The parallels to how kids typically treat their parents will surely not be lost.
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Yeah, I was gonna bring up the block idea too. Especially if you want to keep it simple. You'd just need a square cardboard box that will fit over your head (like these, which are probably the masks your kids are getting). Then either go to the Minecraft Wiki and pick out a block type you like, or see if your kids have a favorite, and decorate the outside of the box to match. (Remember to keep it pixelly.) Then you'd just need eye/nose/mouth holes and you'd be good to go. If your Steve kid had the appropriate tool prop (s)he could "dig" you, or the Enderman kid could "carry" you around for some extra fun. (They'll know what I'm talking about. :p)
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Actually, looking back at Wulfhere's suggestion, having a pumpkin-block box on your head would be kind of hilarious. In the game, having your character wear a pumpkin on his head will keep Endermen from attacking you.
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Since my kids are currently into getting a pegasus, I would suggest going as a cow horse or zorse.
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